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Name: E. L. Kam
Age: 32
My Kayak: Perception Minnow (self modified for fishing)
Favorite Place to Kayak: Cherating River
Other regular spots: Kuantan River, West Port, Dengkil mining ponds, and dams.
e-mail: kamchai@chino.com

Hi, thank you for visiting Team P angling page. My name is E. L. Kam and I love kayaking and fishing.

Enjoying a peaceful moment.

I have been kayaking and fishing for a good 6 years now. I own a Perception Minnow which has been modified for fishing. The kayak has taken much abuse and even flew off the car and tumbled on the road before. It is an amazing quality kayaks that Perception builds.

Though to many it may seem strange or unappealing to kayak and fish, but it’s the opposite. Kayaking and fishing on rivers, lakes and dams is one of the greatest satisfactions one can have on water. In foreign countries, kayaking and fishing is very popular.

You actually feel so good to know you paddled from one point to another when you reach your destination. All by your own strength and determination. Along the way, you’ll see things that you would miss out if you’re on an outboard. You’ll get a wonderful appreciation of the quietness and amazing sceneries. Even fishes and small animals don’t mind you’re next to them! Amazing tranquility. No need to worry about smelly fumes, loud engine noise, and argument to where the fish are. With kayaks, you can enjoy your freedom.

If you do hook yourself to a big fish, the fish will pull your kayak! Imagine the adrenaline rush!

Exploration and fishing to a long cove at a dam.

For Team P, we aim to have a big family of kayakers who enjoys the outdoors. Our goal is to kayak once a month in Klang Valley and have a few out of KL trips in a year.

It does not matter if you are totally new or expert in the sport, together to enjoy Mother Nature gifts to us ,each other’s company and the pursuit of getting a fish on our rods. Our youngest kayaking family member just had his PMR, and our most senior is above 50. This sport is for everyone!

If your looking for good exercise (paddling is one excellent to exercise), peace (nature gives man peace to his soul), and good fishing, join us!

Dawn at West Port, peace can be found in Klang Valley!

For those who are keen to join our trips and future explorations, I can be reach at kamchai@chino.com or ask Perception Malaysia for further details.

Till then, happy paddling and fishing!

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